A Ride on the Burlington, VT Bike Path

aaaaaa = First half of ride

aaaaaa = Last half of ride

Cumulative distance (in miles): 1.3488433045207047

Created by Nick Fessel with help from the Google Maps Group.

How this was done

I used a Garmin Etrex Legend GPS to store my latitude, longitude, time and elevation values during the bike ride. Some careful use of duct tape allowed me to keep the GPS in a position for a direct view of the sky.

Gathering the Data

With my GPS in tow, I then took a long ride on the Champlain Bikeway in Burlington, VT while the Legend GPS did the hard work of storing my point, time and elevation values every few seconds.

Reading the Data

After the trip, I connected the GPS unit to the com port on my P.C. Using a Windows program called Frontbase GPS 1.21, I pulled all the GPS data into a text file.

Converting the Data

The Google Maps API allows developers to call functions asynchronously. This technique is known as "AJAX" (Asynchronous Javascript and XML). In order to make the AJAX function, first I needed to convert the text file of GPS data into an XML document.

Pulling it all together

Once I had the GPS data in a proper format, I used the Google Maps API, Javascript and HTML to create the program. Feel free to peruse and use the code. :)

Update: I'm glad to see people are having success with this technique. Cool!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.